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  1. Hi All Shooters, Coaches and Parents,

    The 2016 season just around the corner. We held our first coach and volunteer meeting last week and make good progress in getting the season started.

    Open house and Kick off. We will be hosting 2 open house for the program on March 24th and 31st. We will be doing paperwork for returning shooters and new shooters, and answering questions for those interested. Plan on attending one of these meetings, good weather and we will do some shooting also.

    The calendar, the Google calendar has been updated along with the website, we have posted all the SASP and Jr USPSA matches and events on the calendar. There are a number of major USPSA matches listed on the calendar, a lot of the coaching staff will be attending these matches and some of our Jr shooters will be interested in attending also, if that is you start making plans now and let your coaches know you’re interested.

    New name and new rifle division: SPP now is SASP to accommodate the rifle division, yes we will be able to shoot 22 rifle, we have not seen the rule book, but it looks like you can shoot both a pistol and rifle division. More to come.

    We are looking for a number of volunteers and have a number of people step up already

    Things we need done.
    Communication and PR/facebook – Maddie Irwin has expressed and interest
    Fund Razing – Stienick’s
    Ammo Depot- The Club plans on Inventorying some ammo to have available for sale – Stienick’s
    Paperwork guru- start of the season
    Armor- to account for the club guns- Coach Loops has volunteered for this job on top of his coaching duties.
    Travel coordination- We will have one big trip to nationals this year and maybe more.

    Other things we discussed during our coaches meeting:
    We need a database to track all our shooters, we plan on having a meeting to white board out all the data point we would like and how we would use it.

    Changes to coaching plan. We discussed using our binder requirements more, each shooter will be required to maintain a binder showing and tracking their progress, we will have more time for when the shooter is not shooting a coach will be reviewed they progress with them. Reviewing video with the shooter etc.

    marketing and fund raising, we will send and notice out to all the Ikes members, we also discussed getting a table at some of the local gun shows and maybe trying to raise money for the team also buy selling candy bar or something simple at our table/booth as we promote our club. Just an idea that was discussed, we need someone to take the lead.

    Time to start talking to any other youth you know that might be interested in joining our program.

    Brian J Hood
    Head Coach
    Central Iowa Scholastic Shooters

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