Coaching and Leadership Plan

Central Iowa Scholastic Shooters

Coaching and leadership Plan

Typical practice-

Each practice will start with a team meeting of about 10 to 15 min.  Starting at 6  we need to get input from the kids and parents as to the best start time.

  • Team meeting agenda
  • Events and upcoming meets
  • Fundamental aspect we will be reviewing
  • Mental aspect to review
  • Safety review and briefing

Early in the season this meeting will need to take longer do to all we must cover.

Coaching plan-

Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

We will not start shooting normal steel courses of fire. We have 2 bays for each practice.  One will be dedicated to drills and one set up for the steel stage we are focusing on for that week.  Each week each Jr Shooter starts in the drills bay and must work their way to the steel stage.  The standard drill each week will be the dot drill, depending on the skill level the dot drill will be shot at 10, 12, 15, 20 yards and must be completed before moving to the next drill only after completing the drills can the Jr shooter move to the steel stage bay.   The reward for working through the drills and successfully completing the dot drill is getting to shoot the steel stage of the day for time.

Fundamental of hand gun shooting-

  • Grip
  • Sight picture
  • Trigger prep and squeeze
  • Transitions
  • Mental focus

Keeping records and score-

Each drill will have a record sheet to record and show improvement, the dot drill will be the target itself. 4 3” dots on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.  Each Jr Shooter will be expected to keep a binder with their results in it for review. Along with a mental management worksheet for each practice.  Coaches will periodically review the Jr shooters binder with them.  We will need to develop a system of keeping score when we do shoot matches and practice matches to handicap the Jr shooters for squad selection.

Guest coaches –

We have some great pistol shooters in Iowa. Most of these people are very type “A” personalities and they do not have the time to commit to being a full time coach.  I have got a number of these shooters to commit to being a guest coach.  This will allow Jr shooters to see different perspectives and skill levels.  I’ve even got some commitments from some very young adult talented shooters.

Beyond SPP-

I see this developing beyond just the SPP program, The SPP program will be our core as it represents the fundamentals of shooting and is well organized and gives us great structure.  I see more in seasons to come.  With this in mind, this is one of the reasons we have kept the name somewhat generic and as we develop our bylaws I would recommend the same.  I would like to see everyone thinking about the future and where we can take this program.  I currently know USPSA is revamping its Jr program, what potential lies there?  With the current age 14 law in Iowa, I see us developing a Sub-Jr 22 rifle program to get kids involved at an earlier age.  We can get them started with basic skills that will translate to the hand gun.  This should be a goal for next year. What can the Ruger rim fire program do for us?

Working with Kids and our real mission-

It should be our goal to build the character, mental strength and sportsmanship of all our Jr Shooters. As the season develops and we put together our board of directors, I would look to them for a formal mission and goals statement.  The double goal coaching program that we all had to complete has some great points and ideas regarding working with kids, we should strive to take these lessons to heart doing our best to coach to these standards.  Paying close attention to the fragile state that most of today’s youth suffer from, reminding us we are really here to build the person not just win the match.

If we are successful as coaches, in 10, 15, 20 years from now these young people will turn into the people we will want to hire in our businesses, represent our best interest, and do business with their businesses as we hand over the reins of running this country to them.  Keep in mind these are the people that we will ask to coach our grandchildren and great grandchildren.  This is the true legacy of a coach.

Role of the head coach-

Leading a youth/nonprofit/ sport program ran by volunteers is different than leading a business, family or other organization.  The control and command model doesn’t work in business anymore and never worked in an organization like this one.   This is our organization to run.  The quality of volunteer we attach and our leadership will determine the success.  We first need to decide how we will define success.  I will get us started by putting out my definition.  “The ultimate goal is to share a great lifelong sport with youth and teach life lessons that will help our young people turn into productive, happy, well balanced people that will lead generations to come.”

With this in mind I see my role as the gatherer of ideas from all. Taking these ideas, presenting them back to our fellow leaders and presenting a direction we want to go.  This is not my club as it is our club.  I’m committed to learning from all of you and developing a program that we all are proud of.

Please provide me your input and let’s get this thing started.


Respectively submitted

Brian Hood

Head Coach

Central Iowa scholastic shooters